The main character in Adaeze’s most-read children’s series, “Bina Series” published in 1995 was named after her youngest brother Obinna who passed away from the complications of cerebral palsy developed at birth. Obinna was born in 1990 in California and given a life expectancy of 8 years at birth. He lived a life filled with love until he was 15.  

Being the oldest of 6 kids, Adaeze, who was just 12 when her brother was born, processed her understanding of the life-limiting condition her brother suffered by writing several children’s books dedicated to him while he was alive.

After Bina’s death, Adaeze’s mother started a privately-funded non-profit organization with the mission to improve personal development, support economic empowerment, ensure social inclusion, and fight for human rights of people with special needs. Through the foundation, most of Adaeze’s books have been translated to braille and donated to many charities, schools and establishments for disadvantaged children, including different centers for blind and visually impaired children across several countries.