In the news

Adaeze has made several television and radio appearances. She has also been featured in national magazines and newspapers, including those listed below. Her first set of books were successfully launched in May, 1996. Her next set of books is in progress. 

A literary Whizzkid. Sunday Statesman; October 15, 1995

Lenstory section of National Sunday Statesman; Presentation of books to state government
May 1996

Author’s 17 books launched.
Funbeat section; June 12, 1996

Secondary school produces author. National Light; Nov 1, 1995 (front page)

Meet the Child Prodigy.
National Ambassador; September 27, 1995

Unusual harvest of words from AdaezeSunday Times Magazine; August 6, 1995

Adaeze: 17 books at 17. Sunday Tribune. June 16, 1996

Program for “The Presentation of a Child Prodigy – 17 books at 17. Multi-book launch; May 31, 1996
Multi-book launch; May 31, 1996

Adaeze breaks record; authors 14 books at 18Daily Star; Sept 1, 1995

17 books for launch for young author
Daily Champion; May 30, 1996

Sci/Tech Minister Praises for teenage author. A.M News; June 5, 1996

National Newspaper, 1995

Ms. Torey extols teenage writer.
National Newspaper – A.M. News; July 31, 1995

Presentation of books to state government at the Press Center, Sunday Statesman. July 28th, 1995

Presentation of books to the British Council in Nigeria,

Welcome address given by Adaeze on the launch of her 17 literary works; May 31, 1996

National TV interviews and appearances including on Nigerian Television Association (NTA) 1995 and 1996

Girl, 17, writes 17 books in 8 months. National Link; May 26, 1996

Presentation of books to the United States Information Service in Nigeria (USIS), 1996

Youths advised to engage in gainful ventures.
New Nigerian; May 1996

Hope for budding authors.
National Link; June 15, 1996

Adaeze: literary wonder at 18. National Newspaper – SUNRAY; September 30, 1995

Hope for budding authors.
National Link; June 15, 1996

Youth advises young authors.
The Winner; August 9, 1995

Teenage girl writes 14 books
National Newspaper THISDAY; 
VOl 1. No 121 , 1995

Several media appearances during book presentations and book launch; 1995 and 1996